Mike McCoy Ministries Schedule 
Winter/ Spring 2018


Houston: 8-11

Naples: 28- February 1


Tucson: 9-15

West Palm Beach: 21-23


Erie: 2-4 Catholic Men’s Retreat  

Milwaukee: 4-8

Indianapolis: 10-15

Cleveland: 28-31 TBA


Erie: 11-15 TBA

Assembly Requirements

1. I would need a microphone
2. I have a 5 minute film I show. I have it in DVD and VHS. I would need projector and screen.
3. Have every student bring a blank index card and a pen for comments at end of the program.
4. I would need four chairs for a demonstration.
5. Boxes at exits to collect cards.
6. I usually speak for 45 minutes.
7. I will bring a short intro
8. I have a Football Card for each student that can be distributed at end of the assembly or in home rooms.
9. I have my talk summarized in letter form. I will leave a Master copy at school to be distributed to students.

I will arrive about 30 to 35 minutes before assembly starts. We can meet at that time and discuss any needs and details about the program. I am excited and prayerful to be at your school.

Mike McCoy