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Thanks again for helping us set up Mike McCoy for his talk at St. Francis Borgia. While the 6th, 7th and 8th grade audience may be a bit younger than his normal high school audience, he kept the kids’ attention the entire time. He had a great message and the principal of St. Francis remarked that Mike’s approach was refreshing and direct – something that teachers are often challenged with doing. I also had several parents come up to me this past week to tell me how much their kids thought of Mike and his time with them. I know my kids will benefit from hearing Mike and I thank you for helping make this happen.

It certainly made me feel proud to be an ND alum to see someone like Mike making such a difference with kids who are faced with many difficult situations and decisions in these times. When the publicity about ND these days in not always positive, I wish more people could see the difference that someone like Mike can make. He’s a great ambassador for the University and it would be great to see him get more support from the University. It certainly makes everyone understand that ND is more than football! As the ND commercials on Saturdays might say….”Mike McCoy….fighting for our kids…he is Fighting Irish!”

Tom Sheffiel


Dear Mike,

On behalf of the Aurora Central Catholic High School, it was a pleasure to welcome you to our school community and to the Diocese of Rockford. The students and faculty were excited and challenged by your presentation, and your All School Assembly provided an important point of reflection for many of the classes in this school. The students continue to speak about your challenge to make good decisions in their lives, and to open their lives to God's presence.

In addition to the All School Assembly, I was delighted that you were able to return to this school for a Ministry Night with our Campus Ministry Team and some of our parents. The students, and their parents, spoke with admiration of your powerful witness to the Lord; and, some have spoken about the Proverb Challenge. The students hope, as do I, that you will be able to return to Aurora Central Catholic in the future.

Rev. F. William Etheredge



Mike McCoy spoke to our freshmen class and it was terrific. Mike's message was both on point and powerful. Teenagers are facing pressures and challenges from all directions in their young life and Mike gives students a road map to travel this path successfully. 

Mike's message of belief and trust in oneself to make good decisions and be proud of those decisions is wonderful for students to hear. Mike had the room.

Mike was able to weave solid references to faith throughout his presentation. As a Catholic high school this was an important aspect of the presentation. 

There were no issues with keeping students interested in Mike McCoy's message. Students were attentive and engaged in what Mike was sharing. The interaction Mike uses with students is a valuable aspect of his presentation.

Mike was able to relate to the students in his audience. Though his playing days are long complete, Mike's message on making good decisions is timeless and I believe our students received this message willingly.

We would be privileged if Mike were to return to our high school and I would have no hesitation recommending Mike as a speaker in any Catholic school that is working with its students on the value of making good, positive life decisions.

Thanks for coming to Edgewood High School!

Judd T. Schemmel



Dear Mike,

I write to thank you for your recent visit to the Diocese of Rockford, and especially for the talk that I was able to be present for at Aurora Central Catholic High School. I know we discussed for quite some time the possibility of arranging your visit, and I am glad that it finally took place.

I am grateful as well for the comments of the young people following your presentation and the recognition once more of how you spoke to their hearts and to their faith.

Enclosed please find a check as a contribution from the Diocese of Rockford to Mike McCoy Ministries so that others might be able to benefit from your presence and the presentation.

With gratitude and prayerful best wishes, I am
Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend David J. Malloy
Bishop of Rockford

To whom it may concern:

On Friday, November 17, 2017 Mike McCoy came to GSCS to present to our students. He spoke with the kids in 4th and 5th grade, and gave a second presentation to the middle school students which are in grades 6-8. Each of Mike’s presentations were age-appropriate and engaging. I thought the presentations were insightful and gave great examples of good decision making and the successes associated with those good decisions.

The students loved the presentations. Mike told personal stories and added humor that was well received. Mike’s demeanor was approachable and realistic. I loved that he not only stood in the front of the audience, but sat in a chair amongst the students to better relate to them.

Our teachers also loved the presentation. Several of them came to tell me that they are planning to use Mike’s quotes and suggestions of prayer in their classrooms on a daily basis. In fact our Middle School ELA teachers are going to work with the Religion teachers for a special project based on Mike’s task of reading The Book of Proverbs.

We very much appreciated the opportunity to have Mike come and speak to our students. We would love to have him back at another time. If we can be a recommendation for any other group or school feel free to contact me.

Overall, the presentation was great and I do not have any further suggestions. Thank you again for this opportunity!

In Christ’s Love,

J. Hartmann

Principal of GSCS



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